Should You Use a Professional Web Design Company or go DIY?


There are a number of tools out there that enable you to design and build your own website. Is this is a good idea?

Look at this from a time investment point of view. Every minute spent on something other than producing your company’s product or servicing your clients is a minute lost. Each minute lost is income not made.

How can minutes be lost?

You may be tempted to use one of the free website builder websites. You may think you’ll be saving yourself money but by the time you figure it out hours and hours have gone by and you’ve lost that in income. It’s also likely the website won’t look as professional as a website created by a website design which will affect your future income as potential customers may be put off.

If your time is worth $20 an hour and it takes you 20 hours to make a website you’ve lost $400 in income. Or your time is worth $40 an hour then you’ve lost $800. It's likely you'll experience some frustration too and it won't necessarily look how you want it to look.

Marketing budgets

Most companies have a marketing budget. It’s suggested that a company spends around 10% of its income on marketing to maintain its current level or more to expand.

For a small business, your company may be making $6000 a month – therefore you should be spending $600 minimum per month on marketing, or $10000 a month = $1000 a month on marketing. Depending on the size of your website you’ve got it covered within 2-3 months. And you'll have a professional-looking website.

Professional Web Designers

When you hire a professional website designer you are paying for their experience. Some website designers have been in the business for over 15 years and as you can imagine they have made a lot of websites in that time and should know what they're doing.

Having said that you do need to find someone who DOES know what they're doing!

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