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Why Prefer A Website Designing Company Over A Freelancer?



Why Prefer A Website Designing Company Over A Freelancer?

Well, the comparison itself may sound like someone deliberately mocking a professional! However, I would consider this as a relevant doubt that many have in their minds while they are looking for web design services. Even I have faced this question by several clients and to be true, answering such questions leave me with a weird funny feeling! I agree that both can add value to your professional decision, but the question is who will offer you an edge when it comes to market competition. This article will be about how a web design firm is a better option than a freelance designer.

Irregular working hours, un-timely reporting, less experience and cheap rates are some of the USPs of a Freelancer, all of which are compensated by quality designs. However, these limitations prove to be a risk for a business on a longer run. When you consider a website design firm, you contact a group of industry experts who are on top of their respective games like SEO, designing, development, content and many more. With all these services under a single roof, what you get is a complete solution to all your website needs. Whereas in case of a freelancer, you can’t be sure of all these services be present under a single roof.

Let us not be biased and consider the following:

If You Need Help (Support): Technical glitches and mid-term crisis are some of the potential threats that one needs to be prepared to face while getting his website designed. Last minute changes, errors, frequent revisions and alterations are the things that design firms understand, which is why they are ready to compromise for the satisfaction of the client. Web design firms have a reputation to create and protect, which is why they never leave a client amidst crisis. However, a freelancer would definitely charge you extra for extra hours spent for you, and that too if you are lucky enough to find him prior to a holiday.

Here comes the money $: If you are under the impression that hiring a freelancer would save you some money, then you are being misled. Freelancers often charge you on an hourly basis and being an intelligent entrepreneur you must be aware that deploying a website is not a one day affair. Professional web design firms have a fixed, flat rate policy. Even if you find them charging per hour, the number of working hours will be pre-defined in the service level agreement. Moreover, professional web design firms are popular for meeting deadlines and delivering projects with utmost quality.

Experience: Professionals who work within the firm are usually hired after stringent recruitment procedures. Web design firms make sure that the professionals, who are hired by them, are equipped with the knowledge of latest technologies and design concepts. The same cannot be committed about a freelance designer, who works independently all by himself.

Websites are a modern day marketing tool that excels your business to the next level, which is why one should make sure that they are actually getting what they pay for! Paying a freelancer involves great amount of risk, which if you’re willing to take tells us a different story altogether. On the otherhand, contacting a web design firm offers you reliability, guarantee and a feeling of eminent satisfaction that your business is in safe hands.

Hiring a freelance web designer is not a bad idea but I believe it’s suited for small level projects or for someone who is looking or a temporary website. Whereas for someone who wishes to excel his business in the tough market of today, I would recommend the services of an established website design firm considering their experience and expertise.

The end decision is yours, so be smart!

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Hopefully these tips will help you. Give us, Web Designing Company in Delhi, shoutback, if you use them or have some other ideas to share.

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