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What Is A Website?



What Is A Website?

A website can be defined as a collection of E-Pages, hosted on a web server and can be accessed through a domain. In the cobweb of internet, a website is identified and located with its Domain Name (also known as URL i.e. Universal Resource Locater). An E-page may consist of images, videos, contents and other forms of digital assets. The basic tool, which has been used to write websites, is HTML, an acronym of Hyper Text Markup Language. HTML makes a web page readable by browsers and also facilitates its uploading on internet browsers.

Basic Facts: The touch of programmers, in order to bring a website into existence, is considered imperative. However, a website to be effective and appealing needs the joint efforts of programmers, designers, content writers, search engine optimizers etc. Apart from this, there are certain logical aspects as well which determine the effectiveness of a website like Accessibility, Layout, Navigation, Content etc. Let’s shed light on the aspects of aforementioned features as to how they are beneficial for a website.

Accessibility: As soon as a user opens web browser, he/she enters a URL in the opened browser’s Address Bar and the desired web page appears on the screen, taking certain time. Hence, accessibility of a website becomes very crucial here because its loading time influences a user’s interest to browse more related web pages.

Layout: A website’s appeal is majorly dependent on its layout. Well positioning of the headers, links, images, and videos, content etc. keeps a visitor’s interest alive. So, the layout of website must be enriched with attractive graphics, moderate images, clear headers etc.

Navigation: As websites are collection of E-pages, each and every page should be interwoven with the linking. Accurate interlinking of E-pages increases navigational values of website and facilitate a visitor to move to the desired pages freely. Navigation among E-pages affects the overall effectiveness of websites.

Content: In a website, content is a part which provides relevant information to the desired purpose of a user. More the informative value of content; more will be the chances of visitors to come back on the same website. Hence, a good content always adds to a website’s effectiveness.

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