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Website Design Compatibility – Frames and JavaScript



Website Design Compatibility – Frames and JavaScript

The compatibility of a website can be affected by several factors like screen resolution and the limitations of color, frames, JavaScript and so on. The usefulness of the website rests on how the website is presented before the visitor rather than how perfect it looks in the designer’s concept. In case a website fails to fit the monitor screen at the visitor’s end, it will make the visitor irritated and uncomfortable and prove to be detrimental for the website’s performance.

Importance of Frames: There exist two perspectives of frames. One is associated with screen resolution and the other is regarding compatibility with the speech software.

It is generally noticed that the screen resolution of the computer at the designer’s end is larger than that of the computer at the visitor’s end. The factual truth about the use of frames is that it occupies some space on the monitor. This results in the reduction of the space for the content. Therefore, to overcome this, the designer should check the performance of the website on monitors with reduced resolution such as 640×468 and 800×600.

In case, the frame fails to fit the monitor screen, the visitor needs to scroll horizontally for the content that is beyond the screen resolution. Matters take a turn for the worse when the web designer, presuming that the website is perfect, does not offer the facility of the scroll bar. This can really put off the visitor and stop future visits to the website.

Significance of Frames in Speech Software: Also, the speech software is generally used by the visually impaired for knowing the content of the website. This software assists in giving voice to the words that are displayed on the monitor. But, if the content is going beyond the limits, it will not be recognized by the speech software. Moreover, the visually impaired are not in the capacity to know where the content is getting broken as it entails the use of vision. Therefore, inappropriate designing can nullify the whole cause of the speech software. Thus, it is advisable to plan and check the utility of frames before incorporating them into the final website design.

Using JavaScript: Most of the browsers are JavaScript compatible but there are exceptions. In the absence of JavaScript browser, the content of the JavaScript based website design becomes inaccessible. In the current times of taut competition in the virtual world, every single customer and every click matters. When the website content is inaccessible, the existence of the website is also rendered worthless. Therefore, the website design should be such that even if the JavaScript is not recognized, the content should be able to popup on the screen in order to convey the message. To achieve this end, Hybridization of JavaScript with other scripts like PHP can be taken into account.

So, the need to consult a professional and adept website designer becomes paramount to make the best of the various factors involved in web designing to get the desired results.

Professional web design company in India use these tricks to ensure they deliver a presentation rich yet fast loading website. Do not forget, a little time and attention invested in improving a website’s loading time greatly improves the visitor count on the website.

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