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Web Design Trends You Need To Ignore



Web Design Trends You Need To Ignore

It’s important to follow what’s trending in the web design world, as new tools and techniques are continuously being used.

It’s important to follow what’s trending in the web design world, as new tools and techniques are continuously being used. The trends that add something to your website or make it better in any way are great to use, but then there are trends that come along and become popular for no reason at all and end up causing problems.

One of the important points to remember is, trends come and go and a site that is built only on trends is a website that will quickly become out of date. You should never decide on using something because ‘all the cool websites have it’, it should be based on your personal choices and what works for your brand or ideally you should get advice from an expert like us who knows what is best for your web design.

So we picked the web design trends you should probably ignore:

Using loading screens: It’s so important to have page speed these days, especially as internet access is used mostly from a mobile device or tablet, meaning people on the go need websites to be responsive and load quickly. A website that takes too long to load is not worth waiting for.

Scrolling effects: This has became a favourite for people who want a glamorous web design, you can’t use it on a mobile friendly website, it can only be used on a desktop. Even then it can slow a website down or even bring it to a halt which will resort to you creating loading pages which then results in having an even worse web design. It’s also bad for SEO, as its only made up of one page, there’s little room for content so it’s hard to make your website rank on search engines. It only usually works best for big websites like the website used to promote the movie Life of Pi.

Popups: Popups have been known to work really well but they can cause more harm than good when used on a mobile, they are a big no no! Popups take up the whole screen and they usually take a while to load so if a visitor were to read your content, the popup would interrupt them and takeover the page. This is annoying for your audience and also makes it difficult for people to read the content on your website. Maybe use other ways to promote your newsletter etc by having a link somewhere on your website to a subscription form.

Hidden Menus: We understand that designers came up with this idea due to mobile not leaving enough room for menus, therefore they came up with the hidden menu. For some reason though, this trend made it’s way to desktop, which doesn’t make sense as it’s not necessary. This is a great example of a trend catching on for no reason other than it being popular. It can be bad for the user as it will take them a while to find the menu which wastes their time trying to navigate your website, they will eventually leave your site if they don’t want to waste more time trying to find links to other pages.

By pointing out these web design trends, you now know what trends to avoid or how to use them in the correct ways. Every design choice should be made carefully and with expert advice. If you would like help and guidance with your web design, then you can contact us on +91 98716 88800 or if you prefer to, via email at

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Hopefully these tips will help you. Give us, Web Designing Company in Delhi, shoutback, if you use them or have some other ideas to share.

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