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Tips To Reduce Friction On Your E-commerce Website



Tips To Reduce Friction On Your E-commerce Website

Grasping the fancy of a visitor that has an attention span of a toddler is far complicated than it seems. Within mere 3 seconds, a visitor decides whether he wants to go through your page, or bounce off to a website that offers better. While there could be many reasons for the reluctance of the visitor towards your website, one good reason is the psychological resistance that the visitors face while completing an action. This resistance of the potential buyer could either be a result of lack of information, poor layout, or the unclear message that the website is trying to convey. Your landing page’s sole motive is to compel the buyer to make a purchase; however, if you are planning to do it then you have to remove the barriers that are causing friction in the sales funnel.

Clear the Clutter: Before skipping to any further element, start with clearing off the clutter that’s presently creating friction on your website. Remove unnecessary elements that are hampering the navigation or making the navigation on the website confusing. Unnecessary elements on the website create unnecessary friction and deviates the visitors from the primary goal of making a purchase on the platform. Also, remove the unnecessary links from the footer and other pages to make the user-experience of your e-commerce website smooth.

Kill Slow Loading: One of the major enemies of e-commerce is slow page loading. As I mentioned earlier, the user of today is information-oriented, and he wants the information really fast. With the constant technological innovations, the speed of accessing information on the internet has increased tremendously on an average. In fact, it is now a sin to run a website that’s taking more than 2 seconds to load. About 40% of the customers clearly said, they will leave the website right away if it is taking more than usual to load. Slow Page loading is one of the chief friction makers on a website and should be the on the priority list while optimizing your website for conversions.

Incorporate Trust Seal: When visitors visit your e-commerce site for the very first time they look for the signs that inculcate trust and make them sure of their decision. By adding trust seals like contact features, some sort of payment assurance, and multiple communication methods- you give few more reasons to the visitors to trust your website and make a purchase without any friction. Once the buyers see a trust seal flashing on your website, he feels more confident about making a monetary transaction on your web store.

Offer Multiple Payment Options: No matter how efficient or good looking product you are promoting on your website, it is of no use till the time you have an effective payment setup that offers multiple payment options to the buyers situated worldwide. Very often it happens that the buyer likes a product, but he has to leave the website as the preferred payment option isn’t available. To remove this friction from your e-commerce website make sure your payment gateway support payment through cash, credit cards, debit cards, Paypal, net banking, etc.

Offer Proper Filters: For the sites that have lots of products on display, it is really critical for the website designers to have its search filters at place. Current day customer likes the things sorted and organized. With so many products on display, it might get difficult for the visitor to find the product that he is looking for. This often adds to the frustration of buyer and he leaves the website without making a purchase.

Incorporate Testimonials: To strengthen the trust factor on your website, incorporate client testimonials and reviews that speak up for your business. It is said that 61% of the buyers refer to the client testimonials before making a purchase. Not just that, after reading testimonials and reviews the visitors feel more confident about the brand and their decision. When a customer read a review about a product on a website, the doubts in his head disappears and he feels more inclined towards buying the product. Incorporate client reviews and testimonials to smoothly lead the buyer down the sales funnel.

The list doesn’t end here; however, optimizing your website by keeping the above-mentioned points in your head will not only enhance the conversion rate, but also build your identity as a brand that offers impeccable website experience to the users. Always remember; optimizing strategies for online businesses depend exclusively on the individual metric and data of each brand. The tips that you will find online would obviously help you fight better the friction on your website, but don’t simply copy what others are doing. Study your website and make changes accordingly. You can also take the help of an e-commerce website designing company; its proficient team members would suggest the best for your website.

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