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Tips For Designing A Landing Page

Tips For Designing A Landing PageFeb 17,

Posted by -  First Point Web Design

Some quick tips to start from when designing a landing page:

  • Use The AIDA Principle: This is a chain of events that we desire to happen once a lead reaches the platform displaying the promoted product or service. Mainly, the steps are:

    • Interest – which can be aroused by highlighting the benefits to the customer

    • Desire – induce in customers the idea that they want the product or service

    • Action – customers performing the purchase process

    • Interest – which can be aroused by highlighting the benefits to the customer

  • Not Too Many Distractions; Leave A Way Out: The idea is simple. If the landing page has virtually no navigation option except for the CTA button, visitors will force their exit. Don’t think that if you don’t provide any navigation, they won’t find a way to leave – they will, maybe even by shutting down the browser. And these visitors will notcome back.

  • Make It Pass The Blink Test: Typically, a landing page has to catch the visitor’s attention in the first 3 seconds of entry. If the guest blinks, and can’t see clearly what he should find on the page or isn’t interested with what he saw, he is most likely to bounce away empty-handed.

  • Don’t Create False Expectations: The landing page has to be consistent with the hints provided by the original ad, or vice versa. Visitors have to find on the landing page what they were first promised in the ad they clicked.

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