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Science of Effective Web Design



Science of Effective Web Design

For most of the people who are looking for a website to be created have one and only goal set in their minds, to enhance the sales through websites. For the same, they may ask the website designing companies to make flashy logos, add-in scoop full of gradients and what not. The duty of website designing services is to deliver a masterpiece, which not only fits the requirements of the client, but at the same time, make the site in such a manner that it looks appealing, not flashy.

First Point Web Design is among st the top Website Designing Company in Delhi.

Here are a few things to be kept in mind for delivering a flawless website to the client:

1/ The prime focus should be on what exactly is important. If a site is offering multiple services/products, an equal amount of focus should be provided to each and every service/product. If offering one, then that product/service should be featured on the home page.

2/ Advertisements across the site serve as a great option to earn extra bucks, but if not placed properly, they hamper the looks. Imagine a site with 60-70% of ads and mere 30-40% of content, the user will never return to the site after visiting it once. So try placing the ads in a manner that they blend properly with the site content.

3/ Easy on the eye’ must be the golden rule to follow. A user will not spend ages to understand what the site is all about, he/she will skim through the content to get a basic understanding, so keep it simple and easy to understand.

4/ Whether it is the content or sign up forms, the same rule follows. Users do not like to fill up long and detailed forms to sign up or search for required information, so it is advised to not to make it complicated.

5/ Do not go free with colors, no matter how fancy you think the site is looking. 5 colors to the maximum should be the rule, so the colors should blend with each other, not clash.

6/ Keep the site content crisp, to the point, catchy and short. Apart from design and structure of the site, content is the most important thing that will engage the user.

Whether it is a site to be made by website designing company in Delhi , these rules will help in making the site engaging and successful.

Come get a chance to be served by the leading web designing company in Delhi India, experience what you never had before. For more information visit our website i.e and feel free to call us on +91-11-41552455 or email us whenever needed.

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