Why Web Development Need To Embrace UX Design

Why Web Development Need To Embrace UX Design

This is why UX matters. These days users expect remarkable experiences every time they interact with an app, products, support, or a website and in case they don’t get it, you may never have a second chance with them. 

Developers need to tap into the world of UX design to offer seamless experiences that keep the user loyal to their brand. For that, they need to be in tune with what the end-user wants and how they can code the interface to offer what’s expected of them.

In this guide, we will further describe how UX design is becoming increasingly important for developers to increase their customer satisfaction through enhanced usability.

What does UX have to do with software development, anyway? 

UX design can help improve the way users interact with apps, devices, and websites. It analyzes the behavior of users to ensure that they get value from the digital experience. 

It is surprising to see that 96% of customers have come across sites that were not mobile-optimized, and this is not ideal in any way. This issue can be remedied if software developers take UX into consideration at all stages of the software lifecycle. 

1. Good UX design inspires you to take a more user-centric approach

UX design offers insights into what your users want from the product that you are developing. In fact, it puts them at the center of the project design process. 

This makes it vital to take a more user-centric approach when developing your next product by conducting user research and usability testing at each step of the development proves.  This will allow you to use your prospective user’s thoughts to understand your project’s essential requirements.

2. UX helps make your products more popular

67% of mobile users are more likely to make a purchase if they like the user experience offered by the website. 

Laying straightforward user journeys or designing the best experiences has another upside – they are more likely to buy from you and keep coming back for more. 

Also, by maintaining excellent user experiences, retaining existing customers become easier. This gives you a competitive edge in the market and ensures an increase in the purchase of your products or services.

3. Fewer errors and no wastage of resources

When you incorporate your user’s requirements in the development process of your product, it will considerably reduce the chances of coming across blunders later in the product journey.

Also, a basic understanding of UX design can help you to conduct usability and accessibility checks to find out what doesn’t work before you start building it. Prototyping can help you make sound development decisions and have more confidence in your abilities. 

4. UX can play a role in better software architecture

Software performance and stability are the unsung heroes of UX design – and only a developer can achieve these goals. 

When you can understand the terms and intricacies of UX, you get the bigger picture of why design is vital for creating a streamlined software framework. 

By staying in tune with the user journey throughout the development process, you can understand the actual use of the software and prepare for any errors that may pop up unexpectedly.

5. Dabbling with UX can make you a superstar developer

the demand for software developers is growing by 22% every year until 2029. And while there are more jobs than before, there are also more developers vying for them. 

Being an all-rounder developer with a special interest in user experience design will set you apart from the competition. 

6. Automation can push you out the job market

UX design is also a highly sought after skill, and this has increased the demand of UX designers across the globe. Also, more and more businesses are now emphasizing the role of UX designers and they are making them the company’s top priority.

With the rise of AI, many jobs are in danger of automation and losing the human touch, completely. But when it comes to UX design, both automation and employees can work together to make the development process more efficient. 

7. Your product gets to experience higher-than-ever ROI

A good UX impacts the user satisfaction ratings and in turn, generates a higher ROI for the long term. Since the user makes an impression of your product on their first interaction, it is important to ensure good user experience. 

The better your UX design, the more your customers are likely to engage with your brand and stay loyal. It also ensures that they will recommend the product to others in their circle. 

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