Why Is It Important For Every Business To Have A Mobile Friendly Website Design?

Why Is It Important For Every Business To Have A Mobile Friendly Website Design?

Traditionally, websites were simply designed so that they could be used on devices such as laptops and computers. Their features, interface, and a variety of other elements were all geared to maximize output on computers and laptops. These days, however, websites are now being accessed exceedingly from devices like smart phones, tablets, etc. Smart phones have now become an extremely popular means of looking through websites.

Through them, the availability and accessibility of websites has greatly increased and has in turn affected the traffic on the website, generally indicating an increase in the number of visitors on that website. Businesses can no longer rely on the success of websites on a single platform and must focus on targeting a variety of platforms.

Thus, it has now become imperative for businesses to focus on Mobile Responsive Web Design, a phenomenon that creates websites that are friendly or compatible with a multitude of devices, including mobile phones.

When trying to optimize Responsive Web Design, creators must keep a few things in mind about how they website will look and be interacted with on other platforms. Some of these aspects include how big to make the text, the size and placement of icons and links, navigation, touch-friendly aspect and the speed at which the website downloads. These elements could greatly affect the user experience or UX of the website and hence these must be taken into close consideration.

Apart from this, there are also many benefits that come with creating a website that are mobile friendly. Thus, this article is designed to highlight some of the most important benefits of Responsive Web Design when creating mobile friendly websites.

Here Are The Important Facts About Having A Mobile Friendly Website Design?

1. Accessibility

As mentioned earlier, mobile phones have now become one of the primary ways by which people look at new websites. It makes the website much more widely accessible to a wider range of people. With this in mind, it has now become an extremely common practice for most companies to create websites that are compatible with a variety of other hosts. Thus, to stay in the competition, it is advisable for all businesses to create mobile-friendly websites.

2. Higher Ranking on Search Engines

Certain search engines, such as Google, rank or prioritize mobile-friendly websites over those which are not mobile friendly. Thus, the more mobile-friendly the website is, the higher the chance of it being located at the top of the search results.

3. Customer Satisfaction

One of the main aims of Responsive Web Design is ultimately to improve the UI/UX of the website. Creating mobile-friendly websites assists with improving the UI/UX of the website as every individual who visits the website will be able to interact with every element with ease. Thus, they will be able to experience everything that the website wishes to offer them.

4. Attracting more Customers

Responsive Web Design undoubtedly can increase the customer base. Making the website more search engine friendly automatically increases the number of people who visit it. Furthermore, as the website is now available on so many other devices, it automatically grows in popularity and will be visited more as it is more accessible. Also, it creates a good first-impression on visitors making it more likely for them to recommend the website to their friends, colleagues, etc.

5. Reputation of the Business

Creating websites that can be accessed on any device seriously boosts the appeal of the website and increases the credibility of the company. It indicates that they are willing to deliver their services equally on all fronts and hence adds to the consistency on multiple platforms. Apart from this, the aesthetic or visual appeal, has now become one of the most important aspects of any website design. Thus, if the website looks poor or lacks development, consumers may not want to waste their time browsing through it. This can seriously affect the reputation of the business and hence cause a further decrease in sales or visits to the site.

6. Functionality

Responsive web design can affect even the basic functioning of a website on other devices. Certain text, icons or other elements may not be visible without being made compatible for other devices and hence reduces the ease with which people navigate through the website. Furthermore, improving the functionality on all platforms may ensure that users can transition from one device to another with ease and hence also adds to the satisfaction.

Apart from the benefits mentioned above, Responsive Web Design can also cause an increase in Lead Generation and increase in sales and revenue on multiple platforms. Thus, we hope this article provides you with all the required information about creating mobile friendly websites and the benefits that come with it.

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