14 Top Essential Elements for a Good Business Website

14 Top Essential Elements for a Good Business Website

Essential Elements for Successful Business Website: As the title suggest, in this post we are going to discuss about essential elements required for a successful online website. Gone are the days when even having a website with simple business description was enough. In the new era of internet business you need to have a perfect website or you will be out of the game.

Planning a successful business cannot ever be imagined without an effective website. The most important thing you should keep in mind is to pay the required attention that your website deserves because an ineffective website does nothing more than wasting your time and money.

Here are the 14 essential elements for successful good business website –

1. Identify your goals

Setting up your goal is very important. Make a list of everything you want from your website. Create a list of queries like what kind of website you want to design, why you are designing the website, what outcomes you expect from that web and many more.

Identifying your goals and planning a strategy according to those goals is the first step of your hundred miles journey here. Niche, name, logo, title and tagline of your website depend totally upon the goals.

2. Clear site navigation and architecture

Having a clear site navigation helps your visitors easily find what they are looking for. Not only visitors, clear site navigation also helps search engines in indexing your website pages easily.

Every important page of a good business website is directly linked from the home page. Any page of your website should not be two clicks away from your home page.

Consider using a silo architecture for your website. Silo architecture helps in better organising your pages into various sections.

3. Craft the perfect home page

One of the most surprising fact about generating traffic on a website is that your website should have potential to impress the visitor within the first 10 seconds he or she visits your website. Actually, these moments are very valuable because over 90% visitors take immediate decision about you and your website by watching the home page. A good business website should not leave scope for guessing, it should clearly convey whats on offer  as soon as a visitor arrives.

You should insure the perfectly finished elevator pitch. In this series, don’t forget to recheck that your logo, promo message, tagline and the first paragraph of the home page is pretty impressive to make the visitor stay over there and browse your website further.

4. Clear & Visible call to action

What you want your visitors to do on your website ? Desired action you want should be clear to visitor. In general, call to actions include a ‘buy now’ button or display of contact numbers, or request a quote. You have a visitor on the website interested in your service.

Now your website should clearly guide them what should be their next step to buy your product, service. Call to actions are important to turn a website visitor into a business lead or conversion.

Call to action should be designed in the way that visitors during the tour to your website in order to seek information should know more about the product and services you offer simultaneously. This is how, you will be able to lead them towards your website even if they are not intentional for it and further an impressive call to action convinces them to commit a purchase or send an inquiry.

Experienced web design service provider always add contact info in top right and footer with their quick links in valuable web contents. Buy now or request a quote button should stand out and clearly visible from the rest of the content of the website. Generally use of a different color constantly for call to action on the website proves very effective.

5. Mobile friendly version

Nowadays, over 60% visitors prefer to open websites in their smart phone devices for which all the leading websites are designed ready with their mobile friendly version. If you don’t want to stay behind from your competitors, you should also prefer designing the mobile version of your website.

Every second, 25% of people are using smartphone and tablets for browsing webs and this is why, your website should be mobile optimized.

Definitely, you won’t like to miss that crowd of visitors you can have when you are design a mobile optimized website. Responsive web design is the best solution to do so as this kind of design demonstrate the web content well regardless to the kind of device on which it has been opened.

Search engines like google check mobile friendliness of a website to prepare search results for mobile devices. Checkout my earlier post: Responsive website a must ahead of the latest Google update on the topic.

6. Importance of  ‘about us’

Now, it’s time to leave the idea of designing a boring about us page. Although, it seems different but impressive to tell more about your customers than the company in about us page. Actually, customers want to feel about every company that the group exists on the basis of customers’ favor only.

This is how; you can create a humble and engaging portrait of your team before visitors. You should present your information attractively in this section of the web.

7. Content is king

It will not be wrong to say that content works as king for success of every website. There is no alternative to high quality content. Whether you talk about the marketing efforts or about delivering useful information to visitors, only good quality content can engage visitors.

It is nothing but a vital tool for being used smartly in lead generation. High quality contents make your visitors more likely to know about your business and enjoying your services, purchasing your products etc.

8. Excellent visual design

This is the basic thing but it works as an essential element for success of your website, no doubt. An aesthetic design and interesting visuals impress your visitors more than anything. Creative web designing ideas and compelling style is something that makes you different from others.

The principle of applying attractive templates in web designing reflects your brand well and successfully catches your visitors.

9. Robust CMS and back-end infrastructure

The usability of a business website depends a lot upon CMS and structure especially in case of eCcommerce websites. This all depends upon the ability of your website to updating contents and interacting with visitors. At this point, SEO friendly CMS becomes one of the most important things to keep your website at top ranking.

The platform your website is built upon creates a huge impact on its usability, performance and how easily you can update the content of your website and interact with your visitors. While selecting content management system for your website, you should check following things –

  • Simple content editing from any device, any time
  • Backed by a Wide community or designers and developers so you can get help when needed such as WordPress
  • SEO friendly
  • Secure enough to prevent hacking attempts
  • Faster loading speed

10. Tracking of conversions

Some of the web designers don’t pay attention over the idea of tracking their visitors, knowing about inquiries and sales received by the website. Well.. They should understand that tracking the conversions is a good strategy to implement for a successful website. This is how; you can not only evaluate the marketing strength of the website but also measure the cost which is required to acquire visitors.

11. Smart marketing strategy

Just designing a website and launching it is not enough for those who have high ambition. Success of a business website means more than just online presence and it depends upon smart marketing strategy.

Many modern marketing techniques are there on which you can trust for success of your website such as pay per click advertising, search engine optimization, email marketing and social media.

According to your business, you can choose the best strategy that will work best among all.

12. Poised and perfect

Never ever allow your website to become slow and sloppy only because those broken images and dead links. This is all that let you down at the first stage only. You will surely not love to look unorganized, imperfect and vain in internet even if you don’t want to earn money from your website, right?

So, audit your website time to time and click on links and update them regularly. Make sure they work every time they are being clicked. If you miss this point, it will definitely be counted under violation of internet etiquettes too.

13. Define metrics and reviews

Monitoring the performance of your website is important if you want to track whether it is working or not. Always keep the list of your goals handy and match the performance of the website to check whether it is moving towards your goals or not.

Create parameters about what to be tracked and measured in order to determine the performance of your web. This is how you will be able to turn your website successful shortly. You can note down your reviews every time you analyze your website and also discuss with professional advisers about creating pathways for success of the website.

14. Seek for support

Supportive elements and projects can help you well to move your website faster towards the determined goals. The day by day increasing competition and number of websites in internet has vanished the days when web designers were based upon the idea of just building a web and leave everything upon expectation that visitors will surely come.

Now, you need to search for all the possible supports to boost your web’s performance. List out the projects that can support your web, plan integrating social media in this direction, become companion of another web holder who has a website on the same niche and utilize the strategy of back-linking together, radio ad your website to drive people there and do whatever you can for promoting your website.

Summing Up

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