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How does your website look on a tablet or mobile?



How does your website look on a tablet or mobile?

In a world of information-on-demand, all websites can benefit by catering for smaller touch devices or continue to face a decline in business.

The Main Issues of “Unresponsive” Design

One of the main reasons is simple ignorance or lack of knowledge and understanding of the industry that you are in, this happens because web design is one of those easy to set up businesses that requires no skill, no premises and little understanding of the industry as a whole, people will come across some cheap or free drag and drop website building software or online tool and then pass themselves off as a web designer, which happens more often than people think, just search any town or city for web designers and you’ll get pages of results all boasting to be professional web designers.

The term bespoke comes into play because these amateur designers see the term on other websites and copy it onto their own without understanding what it actually means.

So what actually is bespoke web design?

Bespoke web design is a website that has been coded and put together by a professional coder to suite the clients exact specifications, a bespoke website can be a simple brochure website, an eCommerce website or a fully manageable website with its own bespoke CMS (Content Management System).

A professional bespoke coder has greater control over the websites look and functionality, can build in exclusive tools and features and deliver more streamlined code for faster loading and better optimisation.

A bespoke coder does not use pre-written software or scripts, drag and drop website builders or open source content management systems such as WordPress and Joomla, these are DIY tools for building your own website, they are also tools used by amateur weekend web designer and some sales driven web design agencies.

So bespoke web design must be more expensive, right?

Unfortunately, because it has become easy to get into, web design has become an industry full of unskilled amateurs and rogues looking to take your money. In the early days of the internet if you where looking to have a website built and had limited funds you went down the DIY route, downloaded a FREE website builder such as WordPress and put together your own website, of course, during this time period paying a professional, bespoke web developer was a lot more expensive, nowadays its hard to tell what you are getting especially with the misuse of the word ‘bespoke’ either purposely or unintentionally , and many companies have fallen foul of web design agencies and individuals charging high prices for DIY installs.

If you are looking for professional bespoke web design you must ask the right questions, are you bespoke developers, do you write your own code, are you just going to install WordPress or similar?

Regrettably, even asking these questions doesn’t mean that you will get a bespoke developer. Agencies often use salesmen who with tell you exactly what you want to here whether it’s true or not and most amateur designers are totally oblivious as to what bespoke actually means.

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