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Google’s Algorithm Update: Tips To Face The Upcoming Penguin Update and Stay Penalty Free in 2016



Google’s Algorithm Update: Tips To Face The Upcoming Penguin Update and Stay Penalty Free in 2016

After the last Google Penguin Update back in December 2014, it’s time for all to tie the shoelaces as we will soon be graced with the next Penguin Update before 2015 ends, which is recently confirmed by Gary Illyes (Webmaster Trends Analyst at Google).

We already know that Penguin sits at the core of algorithm and is specifically designed to take out the sites that make us of tricky ways to improve search engine visibility. It is expected that the new Penguin algorithm update 4.0 of Google will be a “real-time version”. This means that the moment Search Engine determines a rejected or removed link; it will be instantly detected by the real time Penguin algorithm. With this, site owners can either recover the Penguin penalty or can end up with it very quickly. Nonetheless, this update will be very beneficial as it will be offering easy recovery.

To get prepared prior the final release, here are the tips you can follow:

Tip #1: Link Graph: Avoid Bad Vicinity: Link Graph is a network graph, which is made up of a series of clusters. Google is very much intelligent and knows all about ‘bad link’ from what it looks like, where it lives and what is its DNA. It is very easy for Google to spot those links that are muddying with water. It is high time to stop making use of manipulative means to rank higher as your “bad neighborhoods” is going to be removed by Google Penguin. You link graphs would not be vanishing; they will be dumped and removed from the PageRank picture.

Tip #2: Take A Note of The Link Rate: One of the major areas of interest is that you need to analyze the rate at which your site is acquiring links. Google is becoming very cunning in quickly spotting link velocity “spikes”. Anything from Total Referring Domains to Total Referring Pages or others that result in a high-pitched increase within a short span of time is likely to attract Google for the worse. On the face of it, the sudden rise directly points out spammy practices. So, to kick away the penalty by Penguin you need to avoid this ASAP!

Tip #3: Anchor Texts: Allocate Them Wisely!: When it is about anchor texts, SEO experts are going to point them as the key indicator for identifying spammy link profiles. One cannot tell the exact percentage distribution of the anchor text, but it is better not to brand or overuse it. All you need to do is start working smartly with the anchor texts. Put a full stop to the mixing of keyword-stuffed anchor text with generic anchors such as “here” and “this site” and start replicating a legit link profile. Apart from this, avoid using exact-match anchor texts in all of your links. Make us of URL, brand, non-descriptive keywords, and long-tail keywords in order to vary your external links.

Tip #4: Check The Relevancy of Your Links: It is very important to take a note of how relevant your links are. It’s better to opt for a relevant niche in order to obtain links back to your site, which will thereby avoid spammy links coming to your site and will kick away the Penguin penalty. With the upcoming Google Penguin Update, you might be a prey if you don’t avoid links coming from the non-relevant niche. The upcoming Penguin update will dump you site instantly. The sites that were not previously caught by Penguin might get trapped now with Penguin Update 4.0. Be careful!

Tip #5: Enhance Your Internal Links: There is no denial that external links do attract anything that is in relation to Penguin, but this doesn’t mean that you will ignore giving signals to Google via internal links. Internal links are undoubtedly a very significant fragment of search engine algorithms. They have a major influence on the way search engines crawl your website. With internal links, you have the joystick in your hand and you can easily direct search engines to the pages of more importance and the pages that are thematically associated to the other.

All-in-all Google is now going to point out the knife a bit more with its upcoming Penguin Update 4.0. It will be more about earning those links with the aid of good quality content using above-board tactics. Neither Google will stop evolving nor should your website. Keep an eye like a falcon on the upcoming updates and modify your site in a realistic as well as organized fashion.

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