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Content Types That worth Your Investment In 2016-2017



Content Types That worth Your Investment In 2016-2017

Even a slight mention of ‘content marketing’ inadvertently takes my mind to one those hefty blog pages, loaded with layers of content outburst. While I agree that having a successful blog can contribute significantly, it’s not all you can offer in the name of content. In the online landscape where everyone is putting their know-how in the form of same old blogs, I would recommend you to try something new, which could possibly return you targeted visitors, fresh traffic, higher conversion rates, and effective SEO. The pattern of content consumption has changed astoundingly in past few years. Growing reluctance to read large chunks of unstructured blogs gave rise to ‘easy-to-comprehend’ & and interactive videos, infographics, listicles, gifs, MEMEs, etc. The given article will talk about the similar content types that are ruling the digital empire and are absolutely worth investing in.

Videos Will Continue To Dominate

Open your laptop, and scroll through any prominent website/social media channel; you will realize that videos have taken over the charm that text once possessed. For now, a wide variety of videos is available on the internet. Perhaps a separate blog post could be written describing their type and target. Videos are a great means of communicating a long message in a span of a few minutes. Done well, video can persuade a viewer extraordinarily.

Rise Of Virtual Content

As Facebook and Google have initiated experimenting with 360 degrees look up videos using different virtual technologies, virtual content can prove to be a nice way to engage the visitors. The second half of the year 2016 saw a substantial rise in the distribution of virtual content on social media. If the progress continued at the same pace, soon the virtual content will join the league of mainstream multimedia. To stand out of the box, get a 360o camera for yourself, and start to shoot some “behind the scene” content. Going out of the way will certainly grasp the attention of the viewers.


Slowly and steadily Infographics are taking over the long chunks of data that users embraced for long. For those who are confused what an infographic is, an infographic is a pictorial presentation of data or information. The concept of an infographic sums up — info + graphic.
As per the data gathered in 2016, Infographics get viewed more by the visitors, shared more, and loved more than other content types. They are emerging as a powerful medium to present information in a visually appealing format. As per a study, infographics are said to be shared 3 times that other types of content, it clearly shows the viral potential that infographics possess.


Though not everyone is aware of the word ‘meme’, but they are everywhere today. Memes are making people laugh on every social media. They are easy to comprehend, easy to make and take no time to get viral
You don’t need to have impeccable graphic skills to prepare a MEME. In fact, these days various Meme generating software are present using which, you can make a MEME that fulfills your promotional needs. These are not meant to be shared on the blog; however, the results that marketers are getting through the Memes on social media are massive. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Stumbleupon, Tumblr, and Reddit are some of the best social media platforms to spread your meme.

How To-Listicles

If you ask me, the ‘how-to’ articles are the best if you seek to gain some loyal readers. The how-to articles are most popular in the niche of technology and business. If you run a blog, start publishing ‘How To’ guides more often in the form of structured Listicles. Lists have high appeal and keep the readers wired. In fact most of the blogs that we see these days are written in the form of lists, explaining how to do a particular task.
From the primeval ‘Ten Commandments’ to modern Listicles, numbered articles haven’t ever gone wrong. You will definitely engage a good amount of traffic with your ‘how to’ Listicles.

Research & Original Data

While infographics, gifs, and memes are entertaining a large amount of traffic on social media, there remains a large sect of businessmen and technologists that seek substantial information, which helps them to facilitate the working of their respective organizations. The user of today is intelligent; he seeks data-driven content that provides a proven solution to his problem. In that case, sharing your research and findings with others will prove to be a powerful way to drive a specific sect of traffic, establish your authority, and build trust. People respect the hard work that a research requires and share it if it served their problems.
As I mentioned before, gone the days when anything and everything used to work in the name of content. Today, content marketing has become a powerful tool that is returning investors million dollars. Having said that, I would recommend the readers to start experimenting with the type of content they are offering the users. It would definitely help them gain a competitive edge in future.

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