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Website Redesign

Essential Web Design Principles Feb 15,

Posted by -  First Point Web Design

Each website designed, carries the few objectives, vision and dreams. Each page, even each section of a website has an innate purpose, as the home page is preordained to convey the consolidated insight about the website or the company or basic logics of owner. However, many a times when self-taught web designers design the web pages they tend to work on things within their own peripheries. At times, they seem to be incapable to widen their horizons.  As result even after best tries to give a website, they often fail to do, and leave their clients dejected. There are few basic principles of web designing that seek attention of designers in order to shape out a perfect we structure.

Some of the main aspects of web designing which have to be strictly looked at are :-


In order to make your website more attractive prioritize your requirements and must focus on:

Position — where everything is on a page clearly influences in what order the user perceives it.

Color — using bold and subtle colors is a simple way to tell your user where to look.
Contrast —  being different makes things stand out, while being the same makes them secondary.
Size — big takes precedence over little.
Design Elements — if there is a gigantic arrow pointing at something, guess where the user will look.

Maintain a Regular Flow
Consistency means making everything match. Header sizes, font choices, coloring, button styles, spacing, design elements, illustration styles, photo choices etc. everything should be themed to make your design coherent between pages. While working if the person is mysteriously taken to another page then the faith is broken and he will question your experience.

Provide ample space between lines and paragraphs
Allow limited spaces between the lines. Keep your points reader friendly so that they may not lose track. Apart from this, it is important to develop a professional look and feel.

This is used to give balance, proportion and contrast to a page. Lot of white space tends to make things seem more elegant and up market. Do not ignore.

In order to win your client’s trust it is always advisable that you put up a photograph on the “About Us” page. This way the client will get an idea about the people and the motive behind this website. Keeping your website updated with recent photographs will help you to win the faith of clients.

Text Body
Keep the text font large enough (readable) so that the visitor does not face any difficulty while reading it. It might further more strain his eyes forcing him to give up midway.

Navigate (plot an easy route)
 In direct connection with consistency, when a user comes to your page, article or site they are coming in from all the other pages, articles or sites out there. Guide them by display buttons around the site, which should be easy to locate, preferably towards the top of the page and easy to identify. Ensure that visitor should gets the desired page on minimum clicks and time.

With myriad information and interaction to be affected on a website it is important that a web designer provides for it all.

Comply with the basic rules
There are certain things people expect, and not giving them causes confusion. For example, if text has an underline, you expect it to be a link. Doing otherwise is not good usability practice.

User Friendly
The possibilities of the site should be available and accessible by all. Not all visitors have the same easiness and some may prefer icons. Nevertheless, whatever visual mode is chosen the access to content should be simple, through and quick.

These principles are based on basic logics and visitor’s comfort. After all they are the one for whom it is destined for, so next time consider these principles while initiating a web-designing project.

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How to Select a Website Designing Company Oct 25,

Posted by -  First Point Web Design

In today’s world every single company and charity organization understands the significance of online presence and continuously strives to make it possible. Now, with several changes and augmentations to the internet platform, websites developed are way to fancier and aptly fulfill the expectations of the end users and clients. Moreover great emphasis is given to the online SEO education and every year experts are foraying in the job market adding to the online techniques and serving the customers with something new and different.

Due to lack of competition and low awareness level earlier it was much easy to capture the market chunk even with silly websites but now with different online players floundering it becomes really difficult to do the same with those inappropriately made websites. Today a good website with unique and quality content is the need of the hour. In fact it plays an important role in attracting the desired clientele and customers.

Here are some simple tips that you can follow before hiring a website development firm:-

  • Experienced Players:Once you and your team is through with the motto of making the website you can move a step further of finding professional website developers. Ensure that you hire a team of professionals who have sound experience to show. Get complete information about the designing company and how they can serve you best against others.

  • Aspect of a Professional Firm:Make sure that the professionals you are hiring are well-versed with all the tactics of online marketing. It is important to see that your professionals know how to set up a site with the help search engine optimization. Remember that the site that is developed in sync with SEO produces best and immediate results as compared to others which may require continuous versions. An experienced firm has an impressive online portfolio and is able to develop websites in an SEO friendly manner.

  • Spend Wisely:In todays’ world expanding a business is not at all possible without making an online presence. Avow that the company you choose can best work on your behalf. The companies that create designs to evoke emotional response from the user can be taken in to consideration while choosing one. Also look for the custom services, custom framework and experience of the designing company afore hiring it. A company having bad track record can never meet your expectations so simply eliminate them from the list. Don’t consider them even if they offer you low price deals. These companies with poor image might not serve you with quality and may fail to generate leads.

There are many responsive website development companies in Delhi and other parts of the country. But select the professionals who can answer all the questions related to the project right from the start to the end of it. It is important to remember that a good website is not possible without a designer’s assistance. You can take the help of a Website Designing Company in Delhi that is well-versed with the latest techniques, software and technologies of the website designing.

In nutshell select a service provider that makes your business grow to large heights and helps you in expanding it across the globe with smart and latest techniques.

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