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Creative Coding for your Website Design

The juxtaposition of art and code is what we technically term as ‘creative coding’. It takes place when a coder tests his/her creative instincts and questions the foundation of the programming world that only believes in creating fully-functional renders. It uses code to express an idea in visual format instead of the clichéd functionality it...


21 Questions You Must Know Before You Set Out to Launch Digitally

Today every business whether small, medium or big sized needs to have a website. A website can help you with a lot of perspectives like leveraging your company’s potentials on social medium platforms through digital branding and marketing techniques like SEO, SMM, SEM etc. We live in an era where every business opportunity and offering can’t...


Five Points to Consider For Responsive Web Design

‘Responsive’, ‘fluid’ are the new buzzwords in the web design industry. These days a significant amount of internet traffic comes from mobile phones, tablets and other handheld devices. Naturally, the websites using conventional web design approach do not necessarily cater to the needs of this sector. Responsive or fluid design essentially...


5 Annoying Web Design Mistakes You Need To Stop Making Right Now!

The proverb, "to err is human" is quite comforting. After all, we're only just humans and that making mistakes is something that is intrinsic to our species. But in the world of website design, making a mistake can come at a price. An amateurishly designed website can confuse your visitors, at best and prevent customers from converting, at...


Why You Should Embrace Accelerated Mobile Pages In 2019

Imagine you could get your content to load 2.7 seconds faster. Now imagine, it is free from all the distracting clutter and increases your ad click for higher revenue. Add the bonus of higher click-through rate and greater conversions to this imagination. It all might seems like a dream to the website owners, especially content publishers but...

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