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Everything You Needed To Know About Keyword Selection

“Just Google it” is a common phrase now and people are actually using this search engine to resolve any and every query. With more than 100 billion monthly searches made on Google, our dependency on Google only strengthens. The words that you use while making any search may seem very trivial to a layman, but for an SEO expert, these are one...


7 SEO Trends To Look Out In 2017

Well, the past year has come to an end which was quite challenging and volatile in terms of SEO trends and strategies. Google kept on updating its various algorithms and the thousands of content marketers kept incorporating new search engine optimization techniques to keep up with their SERP rankings. These SEO techniques can change every year,...


Unveiling The Truth Behind The 6 Biggest Digital Marketing Myths

The past 10 years have witnessed a dramatic shift of various businesses towards digital marketing instead of the traditional and old means of marketing. This shift is prominently visible in different companies and is now considered as a strong pillar in any organization’s success. While major companies that profit from these digital trends are...


Content Types That worth Your Investment In 2016-2017

Even a slight mention of ‘content marketing’ inadvertently takes my mind to one those hefty blog pages, loaded with layers of content outburst. While I agree that having a successful blog can contribute significantly, it’s not all you can offer in the name of content. In the online landscape where everyone is putting their know-how in the...


Google’s Algorithm Update: Tips To Face The Upcoming Penguin Update and Stay Penalty Free in 2016

After the last Google Penguin Update back in December 2014, it’s time for all to tie the shoelaces as we will soon be graced with the next Penguin Update before 2015 ends, which is recently confirmed by Gary Illyes (Webmaster Trends Analyst at Google). We already know that Penguin sits at the core of algorithm and is specifically designed to...

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