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10 Reasons Why Your Business Needs a Mobile Friendly Website



10 Reasons Why Your Business Needs a Mobile Friendly Website

Does you website need a mobile friendly design? In short, yes! Here’s why..

Does your business have a website? If the answer to this is yes, the first thing you need to make sure of is that your website is Responsive (Mobile Friendly).

In the past, wherever people could afford, having separate Desktop and Mobile Website was a common practise. The main problem with this is that maintaining two separate sites are expensive and time consuming. Moreover, mobile sites are limited to smart phones and do not function well on tablets and some small screen sizes.

Having a single responsive website is now the Google recommended practise. This also means your website will work across all major devices smoothly e.g. Mobile, Desktop and Tablet.

Let’s take a look at the advantages of going Responsive:

Responsive Design is Recommended by Google: Since Google’s algorithm update in April 2015, Responsive Design is now favoured in Googles Rankings over having a separate mobile website, or of course, not having a mobile friendly website at all!

Mobile Usage is Huge!: By not having a Mobile Friendly Website, you are hamstringing your company and cutting out a large chunk of potential business.

Now is the time to upgrade your business website and get a Responsive Design.

Improved User Experience: A visitor to your website is much more likely to stay on you site and browse further if they can easily view the website on their mobile device. If the user has to spend time painstakingly zooming and scrolling around a desktop website on their mobile, they are much more likely to leave your site within the first few seconds.

Improved Loading Speeds: Google PageSpeed Developers have stated, standards now recommend that the content above the fold on a mobile device should load in under 1 second, with the whole page loading in under 2 seconds.

This kind of speed is very rare when loading up a desktop version of a website on a mobile device. When a customer has to wait longer than this duration for a page to load, there is a very high chance that they will head to a competitor’s site.

Higher Bounce Rates: If your website does not work well across Mobile, Tablet and Desktop then high bounce rates will be a problem for your business.

Having a separate Mobile website can cause a high bounce rate. This is because the content on a Mobile Website is often very stripped down, or different to the content displayed on the desktop version.

Having a Responsive Design prevents this by displaying all of the content from the Desktop site but in a much more effective and functional manner. This means that there is no need to cut down the content displayed on mobile devices. This then helps to ensure that visitors always receive the information they are looking for – Keeping users engaged and keeping bounce rates to a minimum!

Cut Down on Expenses: Websites that are designed purely for mobile do not offer comprehensive menu navigation, as you may find in a desktop website. This also means you will need to manage both a Mobile Website and Desktop Website.

Having one Responsive Website will save your business greatly on design, development and maintenance costs!

Better SEO: Responsive Design is now crucial to help increase your websites position in search engine results. Having one responsive website means you will only need to invest in marketing a single site. As well as this, the urls for all of your website pages will remain consistent for all devices – This enhances your ranking and visibility on search engines.

Improved Sales and Conversions: On top of all of the other benefits of having a Responsive Website, it will also help you increase your online conversions and sales.

How exactly? If your business website does not function well on a mobile or tablet then users will be much less likely to complete contact forms, make purchases and become a customer!

If a potential client comes onto your website and has a problem with your website on their mobile device, you are likely to lose their trade. However, if the potential client has a uncomplicated and smooth experience on your website they are likely to convert!

Easier Analytics: The great thing about having a Responsive Website is that all of your analytics and tracking tools will continue to function and go through into a single report for simple monitoring and planning.

A Long-Term Solution: In today’s world, technology is continually advancing and moving forwards. This can make it very challenging to see what is coming next.

One of the main advantages to having a mobile friendly, Responsive website is that even for technology that is not out yet, such as future smart devices, your website will still function well and be optimised. This means your Responsive Website will serve your business efficiently for years to come.

Conclusion: Mobile browsing is on the rise and having a Responsive Website is the way to go – It will save your business time, reduce development and management costs, help you to achieve SEO results, improve conversions and much more!

By pointing out these web design trends, you now know what trends to avoid or how to use them in the correct ways. Every design choice should be made carefully and with expert advice. If you would like help and guidance with your web design, then you can contact us on +91 98716 88800 or if you prefer to, via email at

Contact us for a free website designing consultation and quote.

Hopefully these tips will help you. Give us, Web Designing Company in Delhi, shoutback, if you use them or have some other ideas to share.

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